Mrs. Sharmila was our children’s preschool teacher at the Montessori in Orange. She is one of the best teachers that I have ever encountered – she is compassionate, kind, and trustworthy. Whenever she teaches her students, she always puts her heart and soul into her work, which is why she is highly regarded and respected by many parents. One of her greatest assets is her ability to see children’s weaknesses, and once she does, she finds out ways to help them and keeps them motivated. Every time I dropped off my children in her classroom, I knew they would be in good hands.

My children, now grown up, still remember their first teacher, Mrs. Sharmila, and I know they will forever have a place in their heart for her.

The Tang Family in Orange

Our two daughters are happy and thriving at Sharmila Montessori House of Children. Sharmila is an excellent teacher who challenges the girls with educational programs and art projects in a safe, loving and attentive environment. We are surprised each week with the level of advanced learning the girls have accomplished. Her school is very well equipped and organized. Our girls have attended several private preschools in the past and the girls are thrilled to be attending this school. Sharmila has created a great teaching curriculum while developing their social skills and confidence to prepare them for Kindergarten. The girls look forward to going to school each morning and disappointed to leave at the end of the day.


Sharmila Montessori is absolutely the best choice for our daughter. After reviewing other schools and teachers, it became obvious that Teacher Sharmila is dedicated to the growth, happiness, and safety of all the children. We appreciated the fact that she purchased the most up to date Monessori tools and crafts for the children in a perfect space that allows for all facets of a child’s day in pre-K. Teacher Sharmila has a wealth of teaching experience, is very organized, and is more focused on the learning aspect than other play-based child care centers that we visited. Sharmila has always been receptive to our suggestions on improving our daughters reading and math skills. Her kind-hearted, but persistant style allows her to be flexible with a child’s learning style and level. Our daughter wants to go to school every day. We are thankful to have met her!

May P.

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